Restrictions Released Myofascial Therapy
My life changed the day my sister set up an appointment with Megan for me. I shattered my femur in a car accident and for several years my leg was twisted and hurt from the ball of my foot to my back. Megan released the restrictions in my leg and since that day I have been pain free. She also taught me self treatment to prevent further pain and treat other areas of my body such as my shoulder and chest which were also injured in the car accident. I visit Megan every chance I get when I'm in town seeing family. Megan's knowledge and skills transformed my injured body back to a healthy one. My quality of life has increased tremendously. Thank you Megan, you are amazing!
~ Jessie, Age 38, Yoga Teacher and Property Manager
When I first started seeing Megan, I was having a lot of pain from a shoulder problem I had off and on for most of my life. It had become unbearable. She was able to pinpoint where the restrictions were right away. Not only that, she taught me several self-care techniques I could use at home to speed up the healing process. I found I was feeling better every week and because of her I was able to avoid getting cortisone injections. She brought me from a very limited, painful range of motion to pain free. I am a 100% believer in myofascial release and Megan is the best practitioner you will find. I would not hesitate to use her in the future should I find myself in need and would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their health.
~ Meg, Age 57, Homemaker
I started to have headaches that impacted my function; I would lose a half-day each time. The headaches started to come closer and closer together until I was having one every other week. I previously had a history of having only an occasional headache a year. I felt the headaches were stress related. Over the course of almost a year I went to my primary care physician, a massage therapist, and eventually an acupuncturist. I received no discernable relief of my headaches, even though these types of services usually worked for me. I was a little sad that my headaches weren’t improving, even though I was actively seeking relief. I had heard of Megan through a pilates/yoga facility. I knew a little bit about myofascial release, so I thought that might be the next logical step. Over the phone, Megan was polite, professional and quickly booked three visits with me right before the December holidays. It took some myofascial detective work, some intense services with Megan, and a commitment to self-care at home, but I can now say I am stress-headache-free even though my occupation remains quite stressful. I see Megan now for occasional MFR tune-ups to try to prevent my body from reacting so severely to life stressors. Her tune-up services are part of my "self-care" regimen now! Thank you Megan.
~ Peggy, Age 59, College Professor
A friend suggested I consult with Megan after I became frustrated with my lack of full recovery from a shoulder injury. Having completed a year of physical therapy I still experienced chronic pain and some limited movement. Megan thoroughly analyzed my body movement patterns and determined that nerve impingement was a result of my posture. She was able to release and stretch muscles that were impairing my movement, allowing me to strengthen my back, chest and shoulders. Megan considered my whole body in her treatment. She realigned my hips to improve my posture and identified other areas that were contributing to my shoulder pain. Megan's analysis of my whole body movements significantly contributed to a speedy recovery. The fact that she considers the whole body in her treatment plan is key to a full recovery. I highly recommend Megan; her strong knowledge and insight in body awareness enables her to develop the most effective and efficient course of treatment showing immediate improvements.
~ Jean, Age 48, Finance Consultant
After my two children were born, I began to experience back pain along with sciatic irritation. It would get very painful to the point where I walked with ice all day and lived on Motrin. I tried chiropractic manipulation for five years on and off. It would provide relief but it was always temporary. I then moved to traditional physical therapy but they just didn't seem to "get it" - I was doing the same things that everyone else was doing there and getting no relief. I was complaining to my neighbor one day and she recommended Megan. My neighbor had three back surgeries and said Megan was the only therapist who ever made a difference. Off I went! At first I politely demanded to know what myofacial release was about. I am a nurse so it had to make physical sense to me. I really enjoyed talking at length with Megan to get an understanding of this whole new concept. I knew I was onto something good. When Megan began her work I was confused by her areas of concentration. But I quickly learned that everything is connected and I trusted her to know what to do. After three sessions my back pain was markedly lessened. After six sessions I was back on my own. I am doing the exercises that Megan taught me and I do them meticulously because Megan wouldn't have it any other way! I have only had minor flare ups but I quickly "get on my ball" that Megan gave me and I do everything she taught me. No more Motrin, no more ice. I have gotten my life back and am fully exercising without limitation. What I liked best was Megan's personality. She is respectful, intelligent and believes in her work. I would highly recommend anyone to go to Megan because she is onto something great!
~ Lisa, Age 38, Nurse
I went to Megan on the recommendation of a friend. I had four surgeries on my lower back and neck. I continued to have pain and discomfort. Megan has gotten me out of pain and back to work and golf. She has improved my quality of life dramatically.
~ Jim, Age 62, Banker
Thanks to Megan I didn't have to give up going to exercise classes or my profession. For years after pilates classes my back was a little sore but nothing I couldn't live with and then the day came when I couldn't get out of bed because my back went into spasm. I thought my days of exercising were over for good as well as my work as an interior designer due to all the lifting that is required in that job. My doctor recommended I try myofascial therapy with Megan. So I went for a treatment and in one session Megan discovered the root cause of my back problem which was not the area where the spasm occurred, but in fact far removed from it. I began to learn the whole amazing point of this therapy, open the fascia wherever it is restricted and this will release the fascia around muscles in other parts of your body so that they then begin to work as they are intended to. I have not had a problem with my back since I began myofascial treatment but do continue to see Megan on a maintenance basis to get ahead of any restrictions that are beginning to appear. Thank you Megan, because of you I will continue to be the oldest person in my exercise class and moving furniture forever.
~ Joan, Age 70, Interior Designer
Megan has helped me mange my chronic neck and back pain issues with her skillful and patient release techniques. Megan's hands-on work is very healing and effective. She teaches you self treatment techniques to do at home and is a true "caregiver" in every sense of the word. Thank you Megan for all you do.
~ Nadine, Age 44, Physical Therapist
I began working with Megan about a year ago, knowing little at the time about myofascial therapy. In the evaluation she quickly saw some areas that needed work. Shortly after beginning our sessions together I saw a dramatic increase in flexibility and overall mobility. I had no idea how restricted I was before working with Megan. Myofascial release therapy has benefitted me immensely both on and off the course.
~ Brian, Age 26, Professional Golfer
After years of weight training together with an occupation that requires long hours of standing, myofascial therapy with Megan has given me relief from chronic aches and pains. Practicing some home care treatments and weekly visits have offfered me new mobility and flexibility that I thought was lost for good. I am very pleased with the results I feel after just a few months.
~ Roger, Age 51, Funeral Director
Myofascial therapy with Megan is an amazing whole body experience. An overall assessment begins immediately in the first treatment. Megan uses her traditional training but is also guided by incredible intuition. Therapy with Megan is an experience that is powerful and comforting. Myofascial release offers a path to healing chronic pain.
~ Laura, Age 52, Publisher/Yoga Teacher
Without any exaggeration, I can say that Megan's myofascial therapy has changed my life! I had been afflicted with chronic Lyme disease and took antibiotics for a year before meeting Megan. Almost a year after completing the antibiotic treatment, I still suffered from pain, stiffness and restricted movement. I experienced frequent injuries after exercising and I felt weak and was lacking the energy to exercise the way I wanted to. I had tried many different types of holistic treatments, which only gave me temporary results. After only two sessions with Megan, I began to feel different. My body felt lighter and more flexible and I suddenly had more energy. I no longer felt like I was stuck in a straightjacket. Megan identified my pelvic rotation and gave me exercises to keep my pelvis balanced so I could start exercising without injury. When I would wake up in the middle of the night in pain, the myofascial therapy balls gave me quick relief so I could go back to sleep. I can't believe how my stamina for exercise has increased - at 43 years old, I now can keep up with a 25-year-old in TRX class! Myofascial therapy seems like magic because it is such a simple concept that not only treats the symptoms, but cures the causes. I feel that antibiotics got rid of the Lyme disease, but they also almost destroyed me. Myofascial therapy is what's healing my body.
~ Amy, Age 43, Marketing Consultant
For several years I have been living with a partially frozen shoulder. Within the past year I started also having trouble with my hips and left knee. About that time I learned about Megan and myofascial release while attending a yoga class at the Whitman Wellness Center. Not knowing much about the technique, I decided to give it a try. I had been to regular physical therapy and it did not seem to help. Megan assessed my entire body and gave me valuable information of whole body changes I could make which she believed would help me including how to stand properly and recommendations for different footwear. Megan worked on my shoulder, hips and knee and I have experienced unbelievable improvements to all of them. I now have almost full range of motion in my shoulder and my hips and knee pain has subsided dramatically. I am so happy with my results and very thankful to Megan for making it happen.
~ Michelle, Age 49, Secretarial Supervisor
Finding Megan has completely changed my quality of life. She is a skilled doctor of physical therapy and a compassionate person who cares about her patients. I took my health completely for granted until the summer of 2013. After experiencing a difficult period of stress while at the same time of shifting hormones, I began to experience debilitating abdominal and back pain, exhaustion, and overall muscle pain to the point I would lay on the couch and cry. I went from being a person who only went to the doctor for a physical to constant appointments and invasive tests to no avail. Little did I realize that fascial restrictions, especially in my psoas muscle, were the cause of so much trouble. I have been seeing Megan for almost a year and have seen a significant improvement from her treatments. The only answers the medical community gave me were to go through more tests and take prescription medicines, which I did not want to become dependent upon. Megan has released many restrictions and helped me reclaim my life. I highly recommend Megan for anyone who has chronic pain issues and is seeking to live a healthier life.
~ Marcy, Age 51, Project Coordinator
My daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis a few years ago and the curvature in her spine was severe enough that she had to wear a back brace. The doctors explained that the brace would not straighten her spine but would hopefully stop the curve from worsening. A friend told me about Megan and my daughter has been seeing her about once a month since her diagnosis. At my daughter's last doctor appointment we were told that the curve had actually improved! I strongly believe that this is attributed to the myofascial therapy and Megan's expertise in the field. Between the visits to Megan and the exercises she gives my daughter to do at home, the degree of the curve in her spine has decreased. We couldn't be happier with the results!
~ Deanna, Mother of 17-year-old Daughter
Working with Megan has been phenomenal and transformational. She's reaching and alleviating restrictions that I didn't realize were seriously impacting my mobility and ability to regain strength, flexibility, and return to a normal exercise practice! I've had several pelvic surgeries over the years for endometriosis and between the disease and the surgeries, I ended up with a lot of scar tissue, stuck fascia, and adhesions that have had long-term negative impact on my mobility, muscle function, and strength. Megan is helping my body release these restrictions and with every visit, my range of motion improves. The connection between the physical body and emotions around trauma are amazing and real and this healing modality truly is a path to releasing it all. I highly recommend Megan and myofascial release, especially if you combine it with other things you may be doing (PT, massage therapy, chiropractic, etc.). It's powerful and effective. If you're "stuck", call Megan!
~ Deb, Age 50, Marketing Communications Professional